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A colophon is a publisher’s statement printed in a book (usually at the back, sometimes at the front) detailing specifics of how the book was produced and printed. The term has been adopted by web designers to identify a page where we get to wax geek on how we built the site you’re looking at. Here’s mine.

Markup and Style

This website, the third incarnation of Focal Curve, was lovingly hand-crafted in Macromedia Homesite using (hopefully) valid XHTML Strict, CSS, and a healthy smattering of PHP. The markup is as clean and semantically sound as I could make it. Some browsers which don’t follow the rules (I’m looking at you, IE5) won’t present the site at its best, but the content should remain fully accessible.

I should probably mention that the blog is served as the slightly more forgiving XHTML Transitional, due to the possibility of invalid comments turning up.


My blog is powered by Wordpress, the ultracool open-source personal publishing and content management engine. It communicates with a mySQL database. The home page serves recent blog posts via RSS parsed with Magpie. Focal Curve is served by Apache.


With the exception of Wordpress code, all the rest of the original markup, CSS, images and content appearing on this site belongs to me. If you’d like to republish my content elsewhere (except in the context of fair-use quotations), I ask that you first contact me. Blog comments belong to the poster, and by posting a comment on Focal Curve you grant me permission to publish and store those comments. That said, it’s still my site and I reserve the right to delete or edit posted comments as I see fit.

Some of the designs and imagery presented in my portfolio are the property of their respective owners, and appear here only as credited examples of my work.


Focal Curve collects anonymous information in the form of server statistics, including IPs, browsers, and referring links. If you wish to post a comment to the blog, your name and email address are required purely as a minor hindrance to spammers. Commenter’s email addresses are never displayed publicly and will never be shared with any third parties without a court order. When you post a comment, this site will attempt to establish a cookie on your computer, which can be used to identify you when you return to post another comment at a later date. The cookies are completely optional and you needn’t accept them to post your comments. It’s your computer after all.

Yes, this website is woefully outdated.