Focal Curve

About Focal Curve

This site is the digital playground of Craig Cook, an unknown Web designer who does not have a headshot and finds it pretentious to write about oneself in the third person. He’s been designing and building websites since 1997 or so, right around the time when everyone else started designing them too. His education and background is in graphic design for print, but upon entering the professional arena (i.e. workin’ for the Man, got student loans to pay off doncha know), he was quickly thrust into this whole new-fangled Intarweb thing because it was All The Rage.

Largely self-taught, Craig discovered a whole new world of technical challenges and opportunities for creativity in the online realm. He currently holds a day job as a web designer for a large company which shall not be named (browse the portfolio and you can figure it out easily enough), and operates Focal Curve as a labor of love on the side.

The weblog began as a news portal for the geek community, a la Slashdot, but with less emphasis on Linux and more emphasis on entertainment. However, that experiment failed miserably and the cliché “build it and they will come” proved wholly untrue. However, he did discover that he liked writing about geeky stuff and publishing it online, even if nobody came to read it. So in April 2004 the news portal was euthanized and the blog emerged from the ashes. For more details about the site, visit the trendy colophon.

About The Name

The name “Focal Curve” came about through a bit of random happenstance. The name needed to be two words that rolled off the tongue, communicated an emphasis on visual design, and formed an available domain name. The idea was to combine a reference to something optical with a reference to something geometrical. Lists of words were made (lense, prism, refract, sphere, angle, arc, etc.) and combined at random. The words “focal” and “curve” sounded good together, and the domain was available, and hence the name was chosen.

Learning that it was a scientific term from the field of optical physics describing the curvature of a reflective or refractive surface which in turn determines the focal length of said surface just sealed the deal.

So in the end, the name holds no particular deep or mysterious meaning, it just sounds cool.